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For Families with Young Children who want to get out with other Families and Explore

Outings Include:

  • Rock climbing at Riverfront Rock Gym in Wenatchee.
  • Hike up Balsamroot Trail in the Sage Hills of Wenatchee. (completed)
  • Hike up Devils Spur trail near Mission Ridge.
  • Birding with the Audubon society at the Horan Natural Area in Wenatchee.
  • 1 Camping trip. Location to be decided.

The second outing will be at Devils Spur Trail near Mission Ridge on June 21st, a Wednesday at 5:30 pm. This will be roughly a 1 hour long hike at your own pace. I suggest bringing food in the car for dinner for the drive home for your little one or a picnic dinner to eat during or after the hike.

  • Directions for Devils Spur Trail-Drive up Squilchuck Road toward Mission Ridge. Follow the Squilchuck Rd for 3.5 miles past Squilchuck State Park. At a switchback about 1 mile before the ski area, you’ll find a turnoff/large parking lot on the right with a huge rock. Beyond the gate is a sign and map. The sign says “Devil’s Spur” but people also call this the Devils Tie-In. If you are in luck, no one will have ripped off the sign and you can see where you’re headed.
  • This is a wide graveled trail with great views of the Wenatchee Valley. There are two spots where streams meet the trail, for kids to play in or just to admire. A great hike on a hot day.

For more information on Devils Spur see our guidebook post HERE. Or the attached map.

For each outing, it is expected that families go at their own pace. We will all start outings together but we can all finish at different times. For example, if your toddler is screaming and having a melt-down, please expect that the rest of the families will continue with the hike at their own pace. Bring your own vehicle so that you may leave when you need to.

You will be responsible for your family, or for the children in your care. The purpose of these outings is to introduce families to new experiences, to make new friends, to support one another and to know that IT IS possible to get outside with young children.

Please make sure to bring ample snacks, water and appropriate attire for each outing. You will be expected to pay the admission fee at R.R.G. and for the gear to rent. All other trips should be nominal in cost if no cost at all.

Looking forward to getting outdoors with you and your family!

-Sarah Shaffer

Executive Director for

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  1. Claudia

    I couldn’t make it to the first outing for young children but I would like to know when the next one is. Is there a schedule? Thank you in advance.


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