by Celeste Barry

Balsam root and the Enchantments from Birch Mountain. Sometimes getting down low offers a better angle to take a shot, especially of flowers.

I love to explore the world. My family and I have traveled extensively together, and one of my favorite ways to remember and reflect on our adventures is to photograph it all. One way to ensure that you get a good photo is to simply take thousands of them! If you do this it is pertinent that you sort through them regularly or you will end up with a huge overwhelming mess and may want to just delete them all. Finding a filing system that works for you is one of the best ways to ensure that you always know where that “one awesome shot of Mt Rainier” ended up.

I have a “real” camera (Canon SLR) with a few different lenses to choose from, but I also own an iPhone Plus, just for the extra lens on the phone/camera. When taking photos with either camera, I try to remember to go back right away and look at the composition. Is there unnecessary clutter that can easily be avoided by retaking the photo? Do I need a fill flash for my closer subjects (are the faces too dark, the background too bright)? Do I need to change the settings on my camera to blur the background for emphasis or should I try to make the whole image sharper?

Carne Mountain.

Photo of my kiddos-photo taken at the sand dunes next to The Feathers climbing area.

If I don’t like a photo, I try to delete it right away to get rid of clutter on my camera! We so easily end up with thousands of poor quality photos because they are just so easy to take these days. Here are a few of my Wenatchee Valley favorites from the past couple of years. Please check out some of my photos on Instagram @yerbaceleste or send me an email at if you have questions or would like more information.

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