Thank you for considering joining the WenatcheeOutdoors board! This document outlines some of the history and organization of the organization and the responsibilities we commit to when agreeing to serve on its Board of Directors. 

Mission & Vision

WenatcheeOutdoors seeks to be the trusted hub that connects our outdoor community to information, outings, events, advocacy and each other. The organization is focused on creating and promoting educational guide content, developing a community of outdoor enthusiasts of all types, and, in 2023, advocating for the preservation of the Stemilt Basin Winter Recreation Area for non-motorized winter use.


Inspire, guide, and connect our outdoor community.


Be the trusted hub connecting our outdoor community to information, outings, events, advocacy and each other.

Organizational History and Structure

WenatcheeOutdoors was conceived in 2005 as an initiative of the Complete the Loop Coalition (CTLC). When it outgrew the charter of that organization in 2007, the Outdoor Discovery Network (ODN) was established as a 501(c)3 nonprofit devoted to promoting muscle-powered outdoor adventure sports for the health, lifestyle, conservation, and economic benefits of the Wenatchee Valley. From 2007 to 2015 the organization’s efforts were centered around the development of our content-rich websites: WenatcheeOutdoors and Okanogan Outdoors. Highlighting the nature and adventures of the Wenatchee Valley and Okanogan regions, these sites served content that helped residents and visitors explore, appreciate, care for, and conserve local outdoor resources. For simplicity, we use WenatcheeOutdoors to refer to both the nonprofit organization, ODN and its primary initiative WenatcheeOutdoors. In 2022, the WenatcheeOutdoors board of directors carried out strategic planning efforts aimed at refocusing the organization and taking on new challenges. The Mission and Vision statements above emerged from these efforts.

Organizational Emphasis

From 2005 to 2015, the emphasis of WenatcheeOutdoors had been to create content-rich websites to entertain, educate, inspire, mobilize, and magnify the voice (economically, environmentally, and socially) of the local outdoor community. As of late 2015, the emphasis was modified to focus our content creation efforts on one specific website: It is on this site that we continue to explore the best ways to make good on our mission by providing written guides, offering programs focused on getting more people outdoors, connecting the community, and strategically partnering with area businesses and organizations. Ratified in early 2023, the new areas of focus for WenatcheeOutdoors are: 

  1. Continue to create and promote outdoor guide education content
  2. Focus on an advocacy effort each year
  3. Take steps to develop the WenatcheeOutdoors community

Board Functions and Duties

The Board of Directors of WenatcheeOutdoors sets the organization’s course, approves yearly work plans, oversees financial practices, monitors and evaluates progress towards organization goals, and makes strategic changes in the work or governance of the organization. All contracted workers of the organization, including the Executive Director, work to fulfill the vision and desires of The Board. When new work outside of approved work plans is presented to the organization (or when expenses falling outside of the approved budget are to be incurred) it’s the responsibility of contractors working for WenatcheeOutdoors to seek direction and approval from The Board.

The Board also monitors the legal and ethical practices of the organization. These responsibilities are not taken lightly—in instances of negligence or malfeasance, the directors could be held liable for damages caused by the organization.

Our bylaws state the Board of Directors may: 1) hold meetings at such times and places as it thinks proper; 2) admit members and suspend or expel them by ballot; 3) appoint committees on particular subjects from the members of the Board, or from members of the public; 4) audit bills and disburse the funds of the organization; 5) print and circulate documents or publish articles; 6) correspond and communicate with other associations; 7) employ agents and; 8) devise and carry into execution such other measures as it deems proper and expedient to promote the goals of the organization and to best protect the interests and welfare of the members.

Board Member Expectations and Attributes

We seek board members who are excited about our work, want to further the mission of WenatcheeOutdoors. Ideal candidates possess a mix of skills to help us run an effective organization and are eager to share their thoughts on how we might become even more effective and impactful. People possessing the ability to further the organization’s work through their expertise and efforts in at least one of the following areas are preferred: 

  • Finance / Development
  • Community Relations / Networking
  • Marketing / Outreach
  • Writing / Content Creation
  • Website Technologies / Social Media
  • Advocacy / Stewardship

And we look for board members willing to:

  • Understand and assume board responsibilities—working in a collegial and congenial way toward consensus and decision making.
  • Devote several hours per month to the organization.
  • Make an annual financial contribution to the organization, in part because some of the grants we apply for require 100% board giving.
  • Attend at least three of the four board meetings per year.
  • Provide expertise and energy by participating in at least one committee.
  • Organize at least one member-facilitated outing per year.
  • Write at least one guidebook post for the website each year.
  • Be a positive representative of WenatcheeOutdoors to the community.
  • Participate in WenatcheeOutdoors annual fundraising.
  • Consider a future leadership position (e.g., act as a board officer).

Board Accountability

The bylaws state the WenatcheeOutdoors board will act ethically in conducting the affairs of the organization and carrying out the board’s legal and financial responsibilities that are required by law. Board members are expected to monitor the activities of the organization and adhere to sound governing procedures. The legal consequences of board service are understood by every board member. To ensure proper accountability, WenatcheeOutdoors board members will:

  • Sign a Commitment to Accept Board Member Responsibilities and a Confidentiality Agreement when appointed to the board.
  • Attend at least three-quarters of the meetings (currently 4 meetings per year) of the board and stay informed about WenatcheeOutdoors business.
  • Become familiar with the governing documents of the organization, know the requirements for a quorum, and understand the protocol of meeting notices that prevent a minority of directors from acting without proper authority.
  • Ensure that materials needed for sound governance (board agendas, minutes, resolutions, bylaw changes, etc.) are properly distributed and/or recorded in a timely manner.
  • Oversee those hired to carry on the business of the organization and ensure they understand and follow proper lines of authority. 
  • Monitor that expenses falling outside of approved work plans or strategic directions are being presented to the board for approval.

Board Terms

Board members will serve three-year terms with no term limits. At the end of each term, a Director can choose to serve another term or step down. To continue serving, Directors must review and agree to fulfill the board accountability and board responsibility guidelines and must be re-approved with a two-thirds approval vote from the existing board at a properly announced meeting with quorum. Directors who step down will continue serving and maintain voting privileges until their successors are found and approved.

Board Officers

Board officers oversee particular functions. The Chair/President directs and oversees board meetings and works with the Executive Director to establish the agendas. The Vice President is slated to become the future Chair and is the person who will fulfill the Chair’s role at a board meeting in the absence of the Chair. The Secretary records the minutes of board meetings and circulates those minutes to board members for review, corrections, and approval—this becomes the formal record of the organization’s decisions and business. The Treasurer reports about the finances of the organization and ensures that the organization is functioning within its means, is reporting accurately and on time to the Secretary of State and the IRS and safeguards that sound and ethical financial practices are being employed.

Our officers will serve one-year terms with no term limits. At the end of the year (at the December board meeting), an Officer can choose to serve for another year or step down from office. To continue serving requires a two-thirds vote of approval of the existing board and officers who are ready to commit to another year can be approved immediately. If an officer steps down, a replacement must be found and can be approved immediately or a successor can be approved at the first quarterly board meeting of the coming year. Officers who step down will continue to fill their offices until their successors are approved. 

Board Consideration and Approval

If we have considered you for the board but not chosen you, this is not a reflection of what you offer. We usually lack space on the board for everyone we are considering and, we may be seeking certain skills or attributes more than others at a given time. Metaphorically speaking, you may be a hotshot skier when we’re needing an expert kayaker.

Andy Dappen

Board Member (President)

Ray Birks

Core Volunteer

Ben Edwards

Board Member (Vice President)

Gary Kamen

Board Member

Sarah Shaffer

Executive Director

Coby Trudell

Board Member