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Our Amazing Sponsors


Northern Fruit Company has been a steadfast supporter of this website and ‘gets’ the importance of using our regional outdoor resources for all the physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits. NF also recognizes the role WenOut plays in drawing together our outdoor-recreation community so that our collective voice is at the table shaping local land use issues, non-motorized transportation infrastructure, trail systems, and more.


Confluence Health is an ardent supporter of many local programs designed to enhance public health. The group (comprised of what was formerly the Wenatchee Valley Medical Center and Central Washington Hospital) also supports many efforts that improve or protect local cultural, educational, or environmental resources. Confluence Health finds WenatcheeOutdoors consistent with these priorities. Furthermore, the group knows it’s difficult to recruit medical personnel to smaller population centers like our own. WenatcheeOutdoors, with its rich content and beautiful photos, has proven to be valuable recruitment tool in getting potential employees excited about moving here. Because we align on many fronts, Confluence Health has become one of our most generous supporters.

Outdoor adventures and Subarus – the two go together like skiing and P-tex bases, rock climbing and ropes, hiking and Vibram soles. Head up to Mission Ridge or Stevens Pass on a powder day and two-thirds of the skiers arriving for first turns came in Subarus. Head to the Snow Creek or Colchuck Lake trailheads and half of the parked cars are Subbies. Outdoor types recognize that Subarus are the cars that get you out there and back reliably, comfortably, safely, stylishly, and affordably.


Located in Wenatchee and Leavenworth, South Restaurants concept was and still is Latin food and drinks as they are prepared in their home territories with a dedication to serving our local community. People often ask where they get their recipes and the answer is that they travel to different regions of Mexico, eating their way through open-air markets, roadside palapas and taquerias. 


Syndicate Smith is a proud supporter of Wenatchee Outdoors as we both share a commitment to enhancing the quality of life in the Wenatchee Valley. Rooted in Leavenworth, our architecture and interior design studio prioritizes crafting exceptional places by understanding of land, context, and human experience. We recognize the transformative impact of outdoor recreation and support Wenatchee Outdoors to cultivate a thriving community that appreciates and integrates the outdoor lifestyle.

Stemilt strives to cultivate people and delight consumers through excellence. Integrity, trust, humility, stewardship, and innovation is what binds Stemilters together.biosportsMany of our local outdoor enthusiasts have been or are Biosports patients, including those of us affiliated with this website. The reason is simple: What the outdoor breaks, Biosports fixes. Biosports’ literature is a bit more cerebral and states, “Biosports is a physical therapy clinic staffed with clinicians trained in orthopedic and sports medicine rehabilitation. Our team is professional, skilled, and knowledgeable. We’re proactive about rehabilitation and our extensive knowledge of functional biomechanics makes us effective and efficient in treating all types of pain and dysfunction. We’ll treat the cause and symptoms of your injuries, normalize your movements, speed your healing, and prevent the reoccurrence of your pain.”

North 40 Productions is a creative, visually impressive, broadcasting and media production company located here in Wenatchee, WA. Their goal is to create authentic and engaging content that brings positive change to the way humans relate with the world around them.


As passionate outdoor enthusiasts themselves, Arlberg not only sells great products, but they also rely on them for their own adventures. They test, study, abuse, then test again every product they sell. This way, they are confident that they are hooking you up with the right outdoor equipment.

Arlberg has been a family-owned business for 50 years, and they take great pride in their service, staff, and each and every customer.