OUR MISSION: Promote human-powered outdoor adventure sports at the local level for the health, lifestyle, conservation and economic benefits of these activities. We highlight the outdoor world using our content rich website to help residents and visitors alike to explore, appreciate, care for, and conserve their backyard outdoor places and resources.

Our organization is a non-profit 501(c)3 agency focused on saving you time to find the trail you are looking for whether that be for mountain biking, hiking, trail running and many more outdoor human powered sports. We have over 700 guidebook posts which you can filter based on ability level, family friendly, dog friendly, handicap accessible and by location. This saves you A LOT of time searching for the perfect trail which you can find in a couple of minutes using our filter system.

We have an outdoor calendar and have written hundreds of articles to educate and inspire you to get outdoors. We are the advocates at community meetings for human-powered sports and for nature conservation. Our main goal, to connect people with nature.

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