Who can plan an Outing?

Any active member of Wenatchee Outdoors. Become a member with a donation of $25 or more.

Who can participate in an Outing?

Anyone can participate in day Outings but you must sign up on the site (this includes agreeing to the Outings Policy). Only active Wenatchee Outdoors members may participate in overnight Outings. Become a member with a donation of $25 or more.

How does the liability for an outing work?

All participants in Wenatchee Outdoors Outings must agree to the Liability Waiver that acknowledges each participant is responsible for their own safety and holds Wenatchee Outdoors staff and Outing Organizers free from liability.

What if I have questions about an outing (e.g. experience level, appropriateness for kids, gear) – how do I contact the organizer?

The organizer’s contact info is provided with the Outing listing so that people can reach out to them with questions of this sort.

What is the cancellation policy and how are participants notified who signed up for the event?

The Outing organizer may cancel an event at any time. If there was a deposit collected, that should be refunded to the participants. Participants can choose to change their participation at any time but should communicate with the organizer—especially if close to the event date/time.

Are there group size limits?

Sometimes. Outing organizers can set a limit based on the activity. 

How can I set up a recurring Outing?

The Outings site allows for multiple events to be created in a series. At this time, however, if an organizer wants to set up a truly recurring event (i.e. a weekly ride, or monthly paddle) they should reach out to sarah@wenatcheeoutdoors.org to get that set up.

How do I know these events are “safe” for me to attend? 

All Outings are planned and executed by members. Each member has agreed to the the Wenatchee Outdoors Member Policy and all participants as well as the Outings organizer are subject to the Outings Policy.

Where can we go for an Outing? 

Anywhere in the world. Though we suspect most will be in and around North Central Washington. 

What types of activities take place for Outings?

Hikes, bike rides, paddles, camping, skiing, just about anything you can think of to do outdoors. 

Can my dog, goat, horse, etc. go on an Outing?

This is up to organizer and the location (all local guidelines should be followed).

Can I bring alcohol, marijuana, etc. on an Outing? 

This is up to the organizer and the makeup of the group (ie are children participating). Illegal substances are never allowed on Wenatchee Outdoors outings.

Got a question that isn’t answered above? Send them to sarah@wenatcheeoutdoors.org