If you are spending any time this summer at the beach or on a lake, put stand-up paddle boarding on your to-do list. This aquatic sport just keeps rising in popularity. Stand-up paddleboarding, or SUP, is not only a unique adventure, it’s a good workout as well. If you haven’t tried SUP yet and need convincing, read on:

It works every single muscle

To say that SUP is a full-body sport couldn’t be more accurate. Between paddling and balancing, stand-up paddleboarding will have you using every muscle, providing you with an amazing workout. Expect to feel the burn in your core, as these muscles will work to stabilize you as you paddle through unpredictable water. Of course, you’ll get the obvious arm, shoulder, and upper-body workout as well.

You don’t just have to paddle

Due to this sport’s recent rise to popularity, many people have started to get creative with SUP. Now, instead of just paddling there are many ways to get a great workout on a paddle board. If you want to challenge yourself both physically and mentally, try taking a yoga paddleboarding class.

It’s good for the metabolism

Though it’s neither fast-paced nor highly intense, SUP can deliver an amazing workout. Because all of your muscles are working hard to either propel or stabilize you, you are constantly working. This full-body exercise is so efficient that it can burn about 500 calories per hour. All the while it burns fat and builds muscle. This lean muscle building phenomenon, increases your basal metabolic rate so you can expect to burn more calories even after you exit the water.

It is always an adventure

Whether you are a first-timer or a seasoned paddler, with a little creativity this sport can always deliver an adventure. There are so many ways to challenge yourself and get creative with a paddleboard  — take the board out to an island in a lake or river, ride a paddleboard down lake or down river on a windy day, take the board out on the ocean, use it for an overnight trip, paddle it tandem with other family members, take it out fishing…

It’s low-impact

Whether you are recovering from a sports-related injury or simply want to take it easy on your joints, stand-up paddleboarding fits the prescription. You won’t be doing any jumping or twisting excessively. Others won’t be crashing into you. It should all leave you in good shape to paddle again the next day. Even though it is low impact, however, it will get you in shape.


Daniel Faris, the author, is a camping and hiking enthusiast who also contributes to New Music Friday. He blogs about politics, pop culture, and the outdoors.

Details, Details: Standup Paddleboarding
– Intro to Paddleboarding – $50  Thursday evening lesson & guided trip thru the Estuary at Wall Walla Point Park.  Includes a complimentary beverage from Columbia Valley Brewery.
– Private Lesson – $60 Lesson and Guided trip through the Estuary at Walla Walla Park.
– Reservations required for both of the above. Call 509-264-1088

Osprey Rafting also offers these paddleboard trips:

– Down-river Paddleboarding* – $64 Tuesday evenings – Guided trip down the Columbia that includes board, shuttle & complimentary beverage at Fire in the Pybus Market.
– Icicle to -Downtown* – $64 Wednesday evenings in Leavenworth – Guided trip down the Icicle River – Includes board, shuttle & complimentary beverage at Icicle Brewing.

*Down-River trips
require some paddleboarding experience and you must be able to self rescue. These trips are not beginner lessons. If you have your own board you can join these trips for $20.

See more details at the Osprey Rafting website.

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