Our WenOut Staff was recently doing errands and heard a special story on the radio that we thought our viewer’s may be interested in. So here is a link to the same podcast we heard about

This sunscreen meets the UVA suggestions as noted in the Science Friday Podcast.

Sunscreen and whether it is living up to it’s promise in the U.S. This podcast was heard on NPR and is called Science Friday.

Bingo! Avobenzone 3% the top listed active ingredient, and SPF 45. Just what was recommended for UVA good coverage.

Since summer is officially right around the corner and some of us are already getting way to much sun (guilty), we have been pondering better ways to protect our skin this summer. After listening to this podcast we plan to dig deeper before we pick up that tube of sunscreen and slather it all over.

Some tid bits of information from the podcast include-

  • Melanoma is reportedly rising close to 2% per decade in the U.S.
  • A general highlight of how to find better UVA protection look for-

-Avobenzone 3% and Zinc Oxide are the two main ingredients you want for better UVA protection

-SPF-30%-50% ideally

For a little science experiment to nerd out on, you can make yourself a UV detector by clicking here.

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