The Battle is On…Warriors Needed!

This summer Goathead Warriors has expanded their battle on the riverfront to include Wenatchee and East Wenatchee. Our long term goal is converting our local neighborhoods, streets and bike lanes into goathead free zones.

To win will require a consistent effort over 5+ years… but it can be done.  The key is volunteers stepping up to help cover their street, block or neighborhood.

The core strategy is to walk through your neighborhood with a goathead shovel and gloves once every two weeks.  Spot a goathead by the street or sidewalk?  Take it out.

Goathead Warrior brochures in English and Spanish can help educate neighbors with infested properties. We also can provide them goathead shovels, gloves and 3 mil bags to assist.

If plants are consistently taken out before the seeds drop, the infestation level step-by-step drops to zero. The result is a much nicer neighborhood.

We also need volunteers willing to assist other neighborhoods. Our first target this summer was South Wenatchee streets with more low income homes, rentals and high goathead infestation levels.  The effort is already making a positive difference for the kids, families and their dogs in those neighborhoods.

If you are interested in helping in your neighborhood (or other neighborhoods) please contact us via the website or email:  Mike Sorenson is coordinating the Warrior effort on the riverfront trail system.  Doug Pauly is coordinating volunteers in Wenatchee and East Wenatchee.

We can win this battle… street by street and neighborhood by neighborhood.  We cannot win it without your help.


Local Governments Join the Fight!

With financial support from Wenatchee Outdoors, Complete the Loop, Northern Fruit and Stemilt, the City of Wenatchee and East Wenatchee have deployed part time interns and vehicles to patrol the streets for goatheads this summer.  Their effort is already making a positive difference.

Wenatchee Public Schools and Eastmont Schools are both making goathead eradication on school grounds a high priority.  The goal is all students being able to ride a bicycle from home to school and back without getting flat tires.  Their maintenance teams have done an outstanding job so far this summer.

For the second straight summer the Riverfront trails eradication effort is getting outstanding support from Eastmont Parks, Washington State Parks, Chelan PUD and City of Wenatchee maintenance teams.  They have been combining shovel removal with effective herbicide programs.  Combined with support from volunteer Warriors responsible for each trail section the number of live plants along the trail has dropped to next-to-nothing.  If you see local government staff on the trail, please say thank you!

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