Q: How do WenatcheeOutdoors & OkanoganOutdoors survive?
A: Through grants, sponsors, and individuals supporting one or more of our goals to:

  • Help locals live active, physical lives and to connect with others of like mind.
  • Help locals improve their lifestyle through enjoyment of the outdoors.
  • Help outdoor enthusiasts protect and conserve what makes this region so special.
  • Help visitors enjoy, take care of, and want to return to our region.
  • Help diversify our economic development so that companies with outdoor interests or employees with outdoor interests can thrive here.

Q: How do you become a major sponsor? What are the benefits?
A: Any organization or individual can become a major sponsor by making a donation over $1000. The benefits are numerous and include logo placement on our home page; use of our videos, slideshows, articles, guidebook indexes; and with further possibility of developing features that augment your goals. Please call us (509-663-7027) to discuss details and possibilities of how WenatcheeOutdoors and Okanogan Outdoors can create the best partnership for you.

Q: Who are some of your current granting agencies and major sponsors? 
A: Sponsors and granting agencies that support us financially include:

  • Biosports Physical Therapy
  • Cascade Subaru
  • Central Washington Hospital
  • Chelan County PUD
  • Chelan-Douglas Health District
  • Complete the Loop Coalition
  • CWH Family Physicians
  • Icicle Fund
  • Inner Circle Gym
  • Mission Ridge
  • Northern Fruit Company
  • Northwest Mountain School
  • Stifel Nicolaus
  • Wenatchee Valley Medical Center



By discussing and understanding their client’s needs, Simple Power IT eliminates the frustrations  businesses and non-profits encounter trying to adapt and move forward in the ever-changing world of technology. Simple Power IT can help you with reliable cloud-based applications, frustration-free network and PC support, practical business configurations of Office 365, simple network storage appliances eliminating the complexity of traditional servers), and valuable strategic planning around your IT budget and priorities. Contact: 509.433.7606 or info@simplepowerit.com


Outdoor adventures and Subarus – the two go together like skiing and P-tex bases, rock climbing and ropes, hiking and Vibram soles…. Head up to Mission Ridge or Stevens Pass on a powder day and two-thirds of the skiers arriving for first turns came in Subarus. Head to the Snow Creek or Colchuck Lake trailheads and half of the parked cars are Subbies. Outdoor types recognize that Subarus are the cars that get you out there and back reliably, comfortably, safely, stylishly, and affordably.  What else should you know? 1) Almost everyone who owns one becomes a repeat offender  2) You can sleep comfortably in the back of an Outback – it’s not only a car, it’s a motel before early starts or after late returns.

Inner Circle Gym (ICG) is all about functional strength and conditioning. Their emphasis is less about training  to look fabulous (although that’s an OK fringe benefit) and more about training to perform fabulously when it’s time to play. Doesn’t matter if your play is about field sports or about outdoor lunacy (paddling, climbing, skiing, trail running, or biking), Adam Vognild and Cathy Covey (the sadists running ICG) are athletes themselves who know how to boost your game and diminish your injuries. Many of  the folks who train at ICG are WenatcheeOutdoor type who are serious about getting the most out of their weekends of funhogging.

Northern Fruit has been a steadfast supporter of this website and ‘gets’ the importance of using our regional outdoor resources for all the physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits. NF also recognizes the role WenOut plays in drawing together our outdoor-recreation community so that our collective voice is at the table shaping local land use issues, non-motorized transportation infrastructure, trail systems, and more. Northern Fruit’s involvement with the website is not about seeing business customers flowing from our website to theirs but about how WenatcheeOutdoors is helping shape the communities of the Wenatchee Valley into ones that are healthier for individuals and families. If we succeed here, we all win.

Chelan County PUD operates three hydroelectric dams – two on the Columbia River and one on the Chelan River – that produce clean, renewable, low-cost power for customers in Chelan County and the Northwest. The PUD constructed a network of 14 parks, along with a Visitor Center and Museum at Rocky Reach Dam, enjoyed by both residents and visitors. Each year, the PUD dedicates millions of dollars and thousands of work hours protecting and enhancing fish, wildlife and plant ecosystems. One way the PUD extends its environmental stewardship is through energy-saving and cost-saving conservation programs for its customers. In fact, the PUD is a leader in small-scale solar known as SNAP. For more information about Chelan PUD’s environmental stewardship, visit chelanpud.org.

MISSION RIDGE SKI & SNOWBOARD RESORTThose who stereotype Washington skiing as swampy, haven’t skied Mission Ridge. Lying 40 miles east of the Pacific Crest and with the highest base area in the state, Mission’s snow is more Coloradoan than Cascadian. Colorado without the cost and crowds. With Wenatchee 12 miles away and with as much skiable terrain as Stevens Pass, Mission has a hardcore local following. And yet, with full quiver of hotels and services, it’s also a getaway for West Siders and East Siders in the know. Telling people about snow quality, low crowds, or the amount of terrain, however, is tricky. People really don’t believe all this until they ski it.

The Northwest Mountain School (NMS) is owned and run by IFMGA certified guides John and Olivia Race. NMS moved from Seattle to Leavenworth in 2000 because the Races know Central Washington rocks. They consider it one of the country’s best outdoor centers. NMS operates internationally but the bulk of its programming is local and focuses on the national-caliber climbing, ski mountaineering, and exploration around Leavenworth and throughout the North Cascades. As a business NMS aspires to: support local non-profits with one percent of their gross receipts, protect our mountain resources for future generations, and give mountain enthusiasts the necessary skills to travel self-sufficiently in the mountains.

ICICLE FUNDThe mission of this funding source headquartered in Leavenworth is to: support the environment, the arts and history in the Wenatchee River watershed and neighboring landscapes, through innovative collaboration. The fund’s five partner organizations are the Chelan-Douglas Land Trust, Nature Conservancy, Trust for Public Lands, Icicle Creek Music Center, and Barn Beach Reserve, but they generously support many other local efforts (like our website) aimed at conserving our regional natural resources and  enhancing our regional cultural resources.

Confluence Health is an ardent supporter of many local programs designed to enhance public health. The group (comprised of what was formerly the Wenatchee Valley Medical Center and Central Washington Hospital) also supports many efforts that improve or protect local cultural, educational, or environmental resources. Confluence Health finds WenatcheeOutdoors consistent with these priorities. Furthermore, the group knows it’s difficult to recruit medical personnel to smaller population centers like our own. WenatcheeOutdoors, with its rich content and beautiful photos, has proven to be valuable recruitment tool in getting potential employees excited about moving here. Through our resources it’s easy for potential recruits to see our lifestyle and our resources compete with places with more buzz –places like Bend, Boulder, Bozeman, Boise, and Bellingham (what’s with all these outdoor towns with B names?). Because we align on many fronts, Confluence Health has become one of our most generous supporters.

Stifel Nicolaus is known for its experienced team, premier client service, investment alternatives, and nationally recognized research. As the world becomes increasingly complex, having someone provide trusted financial advice is crucial. Stifel Nicolaus would like to be that ‘someone’ for you. Stifel, Nicolaus & Company, member SIPC & NYSE, One Fifth Street, Suite 300, Wenatchee, WA 98801, 509-663-8604).


Many of our local outdoor enthusiasts have been or are Biosports patients, including those of us affiliated with this website. The reason is simple: What the outdoor breaks, Biosports fixes. Biosports’ literature is a bit more cerebral and states, “Biosports is a physical therapy clinic staffed with clinicians trained in orthopedic and sports medicine rehabilitation. Our team is professional, skilled, and knowledgeable. We’re proactive about rehabilitation and our extensive knowledge of functional biomechanics makes us effective and efficient in treating all types of pain and dysfunction. We’ll treat the cause and symptoms of your injuries, normalize your movements, speed your healing, and prevent the reoccurrence of your pain.”


Family physicians are among the most widely trained and most affordable doctors available. That’s why they’re the chosen ones for handling the vast majority of a family’s medical needs. In instances when specialty needs are recommended, family physicians are also the professionals making the referrals. Central Washington Hospital Family Physicians is a practice of four doctors (Peter Bauer, Michael Fadich, Steven Aguilu, and David Kolde)  and one nurse practitioner (Kristen Doerr) who ‘get’ the outdoors because they partake in our regional outdoor activities and our adventure sports. Some of us affiliated with this website rely on this practice and we can attest that these folks understand our outdoor passion and do everything in their power to help us maintain good health (i.e., prevent problems), recover from illness, or fix those body parts that our sports damage.

Paying taxes is nowhere near as painful as preparing your tax return – this is easily one of the most unbearable forms of human torture ever devised. Fortunately, WenatcheeOutdoors has a former board members, Steve Tidd, to help us. Steve ‘gets’ pain. He’s a competitive trail runner who, for his age group, is always a top finisher in regional races. Which means he’s a glutton for pain. We’re sure glad he is and we hope other outdoor types who can endure a 20-mile hike or a blizzard full-on in the face but who can’t face preparing their tax return will turn to Steve and his wife, Tina, to get through this odious annual torture. Of course these two provide many other accounting services as well.


This is the non-profit organization that created the east side of the Loop Trail and has spearheaded the campaign to build the Rocky Reach Trail. WenatcheeOutdoors started with funding they provided so that we could promote use of, interest in, and awareness of trails. The site has grown beyond this focus, but trails are still a big emphasis.

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