Bird Quiz – North Central Washington

Peter Bauer, a long time doctor in Wenatchee and now a resident of Winthrop, is an enthusiastic amateur photographer. For many years landscapes held his highest interest but, of late, he’s been quite enamored with the fast, finicky, fleeting challenge of photographing birds.

To get those winning shots, you need lots of patience and a little luck (the payoff of patience). To capture these flighty subjects you also need:

  • Techniques (blinds) and technologies (big lenses) to pull your nervous subjects in close to fill up the camera’s frame.
  • Fast shutter speeds and precise focusing to a transform a blur of flittering movement into a sharp image.
  • Good quality and substantial quantities off light to produce those money shots capturing the subtle colors and distinctive patterns of plumage that differentiate species of sparrows, warblers, or flycatchers from their closest cousins.
  • A quick eye and fast hands to blend all the elements of background, foreground, and subject together into an artistic composition.

How-to view this bird quiz:

  • Method 1: Go through all the photos at your own pace using the ‘Forward’ arrow below each picture. Read the captions with the clues (or the answers) on the lower left hand side of your screen (just below the WenOut avatar).
  • Method 2: Click the ‘Slideshow’ tab above the first picture. Now you’ll see each picture in a larger format with the caption listed below each picture. Use the ‘pause’ button below the pictures to scroll through the quiz at your own pace.
  • Take the bird quiz first, then go through the album again to simply appreciate the details of each bird’s plumage and the artistry of the images.

This article was originally published on 3/10/15. 

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