Wenatchee High School is soon to offer an Outdoor Recreation Fitness class and they could use our community’s help in supplying the class with gear for outdoor adventures. Do you have outdoor gear gathering dust in your attic or garage that you no longer need or use? This is a great opportunity for you to donate it to a great cause. The class is planning to take High School kids on outdoor adventures. This includes camping, backpacking, indoor rock climbing, skiing and more.

To make these outings possible they are looking for donations of all sizes. Camping gear is high on their priority list, including maps, sleeping bags, and sleeping pads. Rock climbing gear like harnesses, ATC/Grigri belay devices, ropes or carabiners would also be greatly appreciated. Any old shovels, wood palettes or boards for leadership and communication games, GPS devices etc. They are also looking for financial donations. Please click here to make a financial donation. Any donation size is much appreciated. Are you a member of Riverfront Rock Gym? You can donate your monthly guest pass from Riverfront Rock Climbing Gym to Wenatchee High School as a way to help.  

If you don’t have gear to donate or cash to donate and still want to help, or if you want to do even more, the school is also looking for volunteers for lessons or supervisors for field trips. Classes are larger in size with 31 students and will need many volunteers with specific trips. Volunteers needed for the 2018-2019 school year include: six volunteers for four days (not consecutively) to participate in indoor rock climbing at the Riverfront Rock Climbing Gym. You will be belaying students.

Another six volunteers for four days to participate in snowshoeing (possibly skiing) at Mission Ridge. Lastly, they need six volunteers for two trips for an overnight backpacking trip (one night only), if enough supplies are received from the community prior to the backpacking trips. Prior knowledge of these activities is not necessary for volunteers, but strongly preferred. Instructions will be given prior to each event to ensure the outings go as smoothly as possible.

To help make this class successful support is needed from our amazing community. Wenatchee High School is very excited to start offering this course. If there are questions please contact Nikki Buzzell at buzzell.nikki@wenatcheeschools.org or call/text 425-417-6420.

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