Ada getting after a bouldering problem.

Question: Ada tell us a bit about yourself, what is your age, what are your hobbies, outdoor activities, etc.?
Answer: I just turned 13. I was born in Moscow, Idaho when my Dad was in Veterinary School at WSU. When I was 2 years old we moved to Bozeman MT where I lived until I was 5 before moving to the Wenatchee valley where we have lived since. I have a younger brother, two dogs, a cat, and 3 chickens. I play music quite a bit. I play fiddle music with friends and at Bluegrass festivals, take weekly suzuki violin lessons, and recently joined the Icicle Creek Youth Symphony. My family spends a lot of time playing outside. This summer we climbed Mt St. Helens as a family which was super fun, and we go to Alaska every summer. This summer we had an awesome bikepacking trip to a glacier; we also usually catch lots of salmon and rockfish in Alaska as well.

Ada and her family on the summit of Mt St. Helens. Pictured from left to right, Colin, Ada, Kate and Evan Bonnett.

Question: We have heard that you placed FIRST in the women’s bouldering competition at R.R.G. (Riverfront Rock Gym) recently? Wow! That is amazing! Please tell us about it.
Answer: I spent the morning during the USAC Youth comp working on a tough problem that I didn’t finish during the 3 hour comp. But during the evening citizen’s comp I was finally able to figure it out. I was climbing for about ten hours off and on that day; I really enjoy spending time at RRG and the time flies by when I’m climbing.

Question: Are you a part of a climbing team, how often do you train, how often do you go to climbing competitions? Would you say your stronger at climbing or bouldering? Which do you like more?
Answer: Yes, I am a member of the RRG youth climbing team. I typically train 3 nights a week for 3 hours each night, and additionally spend time there with my family as well. We are in bouldering season right now. During the fall, I go to bouldering comps almost every weekend in the Seattle area. In the spring, we travel back to the Seattle area for rope climbing comps. I would say that I am better at bouldering, because the style of the problems suits me better. I like it more too, because the problems are shorter and usually require more thought.

Question: We also hear you are a skate skier and partake in biathlon events? How do you train for those and do you practice shooting somewhere as well?
Answer: Yes, the last two years I was on the Leavenworth Nordic Ski Team and the Methow Valley Biathlon Team. This winter I am planning to take a break from the Nordic and Biathlon Teams to focus on climbing. However, I am still planning to nordic and alpine ski for fun with my family.

Ada and her mom Kate, getting ready for some downhill skiing.

Question: We have seen you on a mountain bike too. Do you take mountain bike classes? Do you like to downhill bike or cross country bike? Where have you biked around our region and further out?
Answer: I like to mostly downhill, because I can go really fast with minimal effort, but I do ride cross country too. I do not take any mountain biking classes, but my mom is an instructor so she will teach me some things about it. My family and I go biking a lot, when it is not too hot. Whenever we go on a camping trip in our camper we like to bring our bikes. We bike mostly in Washington and BC, Canada. Most summers we go to Whistler to go downhilling in the bike park. As a part of the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance my Mom helps put on kids mountain biking races, and so I am usually involved in those too.

Ada visiting a glacier while bikepacking in Alaska.

Question: What is some advice you have for young outdoor athletes?
Answer: My advice for young athletes is to try multiple sports, such as soccer, rock climbing, skiing, biking…because you never know which sport you will like the most, and so you can have more experience too.

Question: Do you have any long term goals for your athletic interests? Any specific things you would like to accomplish?
Answer: I would like to climb for as long as I can, as well as ski and bike. I don’t think I will be a professional athlete, because I would like to be a dentist.

Question: What is your favorite piece of gear and why?
Answer: My favorite piece of gear is probably my climbing shoes, because I can take them lots of places and climb almost any boulders when we go on a hike.

Question: Do you do anything specific before an event or competition? Get a certain amount of sleep, eat certain foods?
Answer: Before an event or competition I try to get lots of sleep, and (try to) avoid candy or sugary foods. I also try to take a climbing rest day the day before to let my fingers recover so they are fresh for the comp.

Question: How did you get into all these awesome outdoor sports? What has inspired you to try these different activities?
Answer: My parents are awesome. They have introduced many sports to me since the day I was born. My parents and coaches have inspired me greatly. My parents almost always support me in my activities and are always encouraging me to try new things.

Question: Do you have a favorite outdoor sport? If so, why is it your favorite?
Answer: My favorite sport is climbing, because my coaches and teammates are super supportive and nice. I also just love the climbing itself.

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