Tuff Lite & Sloane Hoody-Gear Review

By Sarah Shaffer

I was recently given the chance to test out some Kuhl gear, which I wore while hiking in our local Wenatchee Valley mountains. The top I was asked to test is the Sloane Hoody by Kuhl retailing at $109 and the pants are the Tuff Lite Weekendr Tight retailing at $89 by Kuhl.

Sarah Shaffer sporting the Sloane Hoody and Tuff Lite Weekendr Tights.

While hiking I noticed there was no chaffing with the pants which was very nice. The grasses and stickers I was tromping through did not stick to the pants while my friend I was hiking with had stickers and grasses sticking to her pants. The Tuff Lite Weekendr Tight was remarkably comfortable, is reportedly abrasion-resistant, but I do not think I would wear them for rock climbing as I would worry they would snag on a rock and tear. These pants have great stretch to them so your range of motion is not impaired in your leg gait. They are also UPF 50.

I wore the pants not only for the outing but around town as well, as they are super comfortable. I would not recommend wearing these pants in cold conditions, as they are thin. They are a good shoulder season pant with the ability to keep you warm enough if it isn’t quite shorts weather, but cool enough so that you can play in the mountains without getting too sweaty.

As far as the Sloane Hoody, it kept me warm on a cool and windy day. The high neck cover was super pleasant for the breezy conditions with the hood fitting snug with little gaps between my head and the neck cuff which kept the cold out. The thumb loops kept my hands warm while out hiking around.

The Sloane Hoody material is cozy, made of Melange Fleece. I would say the Hoody is more appropriate for casual outdoor outings or around town adventures.

For a more taxing adventure, I would worry that I would get too warm in this hoody.  The moisture wicking ability along with the breathability of the fabric is limited, which for me can be a problem for bigger outdoor days. I am naturally a sweatier person, so having a super breathable fabric when outside is a good thing. But for this day which was a meandering hike, it worked perfectly.

Overall I would rate the Tuff Lite Weekendr Tight as the champ for wear-ability in a variety of conditions and for an assortment of activities. Keep the Sloane Hoody for your weekday stroll or while doing errands around town.

Click here for more information on pant options with Kuhl Gear or for long sleeve tops.

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