Have you ever wondered how to “leave no trace” when it comes to peeing in the woods? If you are a woman who enjoys time outside miles from the nearest porta-potty, this question could be one worth pondering. For years I have seen hardcore outdoorsy women hiking along with a handkerchief tied to their backpack. Usually this handkerchief is tied in such a way to be at the very back of the pack furthest from the hikers body. For those of us more seasoned outdoorsy folks, you can usually assume that handkerchief is used as a ‘pee rag’. This has been done for many years as a way to use less toilet paper in the backcountry. Mind you the handkerchief usually stinks after day two of use without washing it, and doesn’t have a quick dry fabric taking it longer to dry out. It also can get pee on your hands if when you go to wipe you don’t double up the kerchief to keep distance from the pee.

This last week I found out there was another option. Meet the Kula Cloth, this pee cloth was meticulously designed with women and girls in mind. I tested this piece of gear and this is what I found. After two consecutive days of use it had no odor. Much better than the handkerchief model for sure. It is also supremely soft to the skin, no chafing and no uncomfortable wipe. It is light, weighing in at .42 ounces and can be washed in a general wash machine. Not to mention if you don’t want the black side (the pee wipe side) to touch you or your pack you can simply snap it into a folded triangle shape so that only the outside sections of the cloth are touching your pack. My hands did not get wet from my own pee while wiping because of the handy waterproof material used on the print side of the cloth, unlike the common handkerchief.

If you want to hang your Kula Cloth outside to air out while you sleep in your tent, never fear, you will find it for your midnight pee! It has reflective thread so when you shine your headlamp out the tent you can see it hanging nearby. This company has thought of everything for this piece of gear.

Because I am a nerd for cute textile designs, the Kula Cloth appeases my joyful side for fun fabrics during my outdoor wanderings. I have the ice axe design, but they also have a galaxy design and contact with the creator of Kula Cloth noted they have another design for young girls in the works that has a unicorn with gems in the forest along with an artist series. It is uplifting that Kula Cloth is a company where women’s needs come first for the backcountry.

Kula Cloth retail for $20 per cloth or $39 for two. To purchase a Kula cloth or to find out more click Kula Cloth.

This post was originally published on 2/22/19.


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