by Sarah Shaffer

Are you a newbie to outdoor activities? Or maybe you were asked to join a backpacking trip but you have never gone backpacking before. Washington State Parks has partnered with Arrive Outdoors which is an online rental program for outdoor equipment rentals. You pay by the day to rent the products (individually or as a bundle) and they will deliver the items to you. You can have your equipment delivered to a hotel, or a fed-ex location, whatever your adventure they are up for delivering it.

Some examples of bundles you can rent are:

Backpacking bundle for $73.50 per day for one person. It includes a backpacking pack, lightweight tent, backpacking stove, headlamp, air mattress, sleeping bag, cooking pot, bowl and utensils.

Camping set for $93.50 per day for one person. It includes a cooler, tent, camp bowl and utensils, headlamp, camp light, camp chair, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, and a single burner camp stove.

The snow sports bundles are clothes based, there is no actual skiing or snowboarding gear to rent, but you can rent the clothing for these activities. You can also rent a bear canister for $5 per day which is an item I own, but have had a few friends borrow for shorter trips that require a canister.

Another handy item you can rent that people like to borrow, are trekking poles for $7.50 per day.

Wenatchee Outdoors nor Sarah Shaffer is affiliated with Arrive Outdoors. We simply wanted to let our readers know there is a new way to borrow gear if you can’t find any by word of mouth to use. 

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