by Sarah Shaffer

During this time of the year the wildfires rage on while we go about our daily activities. Some days the wind picks up just enough to clear out the smoke while other days it sits in our valley engulfing our streets, our trails, our playgrounds and our office buildings. This time of the year can be tough for some. Here are my suggestions on how to beat the wildfire season blues.

  1. When you get a small window to get outside, the air clears and you can see the foothills, get outside. There are plenty of other things to be doing but this may be the only chance in a week’s time that you can get out, so do it.
  2. Avoid doing cardio outdoors. If it is smokey and you want a workout, head indoors and workout at a gym or at your home. This could include doing weight training to keep your breaths per minute down, or high resistance workouts on cardio machines so you aren’t breathing as heavily.
  3. Check the air quality or the fire conditions on our website here for various locations to see about getting outside either into the high mountains or to the west side of the passes, Stevens or Blewett.
  4. Start tackling that list of things you have piling up to do indoors. Fix the door handle, clean the garage, etc.
  5. Work on holiday gifts for winter time. Sew, do artwork, or partake in woodworking. Do indoor activities that bring you joy and help you get through the smokey days of summer. Make plans for an autumn garden, for outdoor adventures during winter time or for next spring.

Good links for air quality:

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