Five Reasons to Come Back

by Katie Covey

Now that I’m halfway through my senior year at Washington State University, the unsettling feeling of what to do after graduation is slowly creeping up. That dreaded question of “What’s next after college?” is becoming more common in my daily life. I will be graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Rhetorical and Professional writing, which clearly is no accounting major.

With my passions for running, writing, and yoga patiently waiting to be practiced again, I’m anxious to return to my hometown of Wenatchee, WA.  When I was younger, I didn’t fully acknowledge how fortunate I was to be raised in this area, but my time in Pullman has given me new perspective. Now with my days at WSU drawing down, here are some of the things drawing me back to Wenatchee.

1) The scenery is second to none. The Wenatchee Valley offers such extraordinary scenery that I find it hard to believe more people don’t know about it. Whether standing on top of Saddle Rock or swimming in the Columbia, there is always so much surrounding beauty to enjoy. And with the Sage Hills smothered in wildflowers in the spring, smokey sunsets on summer evenings, or snow capping the local peaks in winter, the area offers visual thrills every season.

Winter, spring summer, or fall… it’s pretty darn pretty around here.

2) Never-ending activities. Whether you like to bike, rock climb, hike, trail run, ski, wakeboard, or simply walk, you can do it here. With the vast options from trailing running through Sage Hills to cross-country skiing during snowfall, you can always find new options for physical activity here.

3) Downtown Wenatchee has found itself. Since I have left for college in 2011, Wenatchee has done a magnificent job crafting a stronger identity for itself. The downtown vibe has intensified and there’s simply a more enjoyable atmosphere to the downtown scene. It’s feeling more like a place where young families can flourish and where older people can loosen up after years of work.

4) Variety of culture. Wenatchee’s diverse culture has expanded which has allowed locals to experience other cultures without having to leave town. In the food department, for example, now you can find almost any sort of cuisine in Wenatchee. Whether it is sushi or authentic Mexican food, we’ve got it.

5) Growth in industry. Along with the expansion of the fruit and agriculture industry, fitness and health industry, power and aluminum industry, and with the growth of the airport and the education system, Wenatchee is becoming a place of opportunity. We’ve even got a little bit of high-tech work given our fiber infrastructure and cheap power rates. All of this means that, even though I may be returning to a small town based in the green foothills of the Cascade Mountains, I can access both the local and the global from here.

Katie also told us, “Devil Spurs/Pipeline is another memorable place for me — I have spent a lot of time up there with my parents. Stehekin, Clara Lake and Silver Falls all offer memories that have stayed with me over the years. And not to be cliche, but the  Columbia River and the Loop Trail are great. The easy access and simplicity of getting outdoors have created many special times.

NOTE: This article was originally posted on 12/13/2014.

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