Andrea Bixby-Brosi & Glade Brosi

Trail Description: The trial starts next to the restroom and follows the Columbia River downstream before ending after about half a mile. There are numerous small side trails and plenty of areas to explore.

Our family loves birds and waterfowl are our favorite. his short trail always provides excellent birding and exploring. The trail wanders through tall sage along the Columbia river in a rocky but mostly flat path that is well worn but hardly traveled. There are numerous small beaches between short (10-15’) cliffs. This area receives very little snowfall and is a great snow-free winter hike which coincides with peak waterfowl migration. Our kids enjoy throwing rocks in the river and exploring around while we watch large flocks of wigeon and listen to the whistle of goldeneyes in flight.

This is a low-stress, close to town ramble that doesn’t require the preparation of a serious outdoor adventure. But for a kid this is a wonderland of rock and river eddies, flushing ducks and easy access to the river. Bring your binoculars, your coffee and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Directions: The parking lot is approximately 15 miles from the George Sellar Bridge in Wenatchee. From the George Sellar bridge head South East on the Malaga/Alcoa Highway. Stay on this road for 14 miles.  At 14 miles, you will come to a Y in the road. Bear left onto Tarpiscan Road (even though it says dead end). After 1.7 miles take a left at the “Yo yo rock boat ramp” sign. Follow the road all the way down until you get to the parking lot with the boat ramp and restroom facility. You will drive past “yo-yo rock” which is a basalt formation with a gap in the middle resembling a yo-yo.  The rock isn’t that impressive but the trail is serene, easy for children to navigate, and beautiful.

This parking area requires a Discover pass.

This post was originally published on 1/15/19.


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