by Kirvil Skinnarland (RC3 President)

The Residents Coalition of Chelan County (RC3) began in 2019 as a grass roots organization under the name of Residents United for Neighbors (RUN). It was organized in response to the rapid growth of absentee owner short-term rentals in Chelan County. Residents were seeing their neighborhoods increasingly impacted by the loss of full-time neighbors and by problems of noise, partying, illegal parking, and trespassing. The increasing saturation of the housing market with these types of rentals also meant that the housing inventory for residents was being reduced.

After 2 years of hard work, RUN was successful in urging the Board of County Commissioners to adopt an effective ordinance for the regulation of short-term rentals even in the face of well-funded opposition by short-term rental owners and others who benefit from the commercialization of the residential housing market.

In early 2022, RUN decided to expand its mission to address other issues that were affecting the residents of Chelan County. Of particular concern was the lack of a strong voice for residents in decisions being made by public agencies throughout the County. The organization was renamed the Residents Coalition of Chelan County (RC3) in recognition of its expanded scope.

RC3’s primary goal is to strengthen the voice of residents in decisions that will determine the future of this place we call home. Residents want to preserve their safe and friendly neighborhoods, the natural environment, the slower pace of life, and the area’s small communities. To help residents achieve these aspirations, RC3 works on several fronts. These are described on our website: Residents Coalition of Chelan County

One of the high priority concerns for residents is the risk of wildfires particularly in communities which are adjacent to forests and wildlands. Parts of Chelan County are rated as among the highest risk areas in the United States for a catastrophic wildfire. The County’s Community Wildfire Protection Plan was last updated in 2018. Recently, the County’s Department of Natural Resources kicked off a new planning process to update this plan. This effort will involve many organizations and agencies working together to improve preparedness for wildfire events while reducing factors of risk. As in 2018, the planning work will involve all the cities in Chelan County, the Cascadia Conservation District, all local fire districts, the US Forest Service and other federal agencies, and the Washington Department of Natural Resources. RC3 has been invited to serve on the Steering Committee for this effort.

To help us to do a good job in representing the interests and concerns of Chelan County residents, we have prepared a short survey that we are inviting you to fill out. This survey will take about 5 to 7 minutes to complete.

Here is the link to take the survey:

Thank you for helping us with this survey. To see the results, please visit our website in early April. (Residents Coalition of Chelan County). You can also sign up for our newsletter on the website to receive periodic updates on this fire prevention work as well as our other activities.

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