Things to know

Cleaning Climbing Skins

Skin Care - Cleaning Climbing Skins by Andy Dappen It inevitably happens to backcountry skiing skins—the glue, especially on the tails, turns into a mess of dirt, pine needles, and wax, causing the skins to... Read More...

Gearing Up for Snowshoeing

Gearing Up for Snowshoeing : Hardware and Accessoriesby Andy Dappen Defining snowshoeing for you Snowshoeing above Clara Lake near Mission Peak. There’s a continuum in how snowshoes may be used from wal... Read More...

The Togetherness Quotient

The Togetherness Quotient by Andy Dappen “Too much togetherness – it drives people apart.” It’s what I tell people when they ask, “Why doesn’t your wife join you on more of your outdoor adventures?” E... Read More...

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