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ATTRACTIONS: A good training ride providing pretty views of the Wenatchee River Valley and local orchards. Also expect lots of climbing, for a cardio workout and fast descents for some adrenaline production.

DISTANCE: 49 miles. ELEVATION: 4,600-feet of gain.

SKILL. 2 (intermediate).

FITNESS.  2+ to 3 (strong intermediate to advanced).

MAP: See attached.

ACCESS: Start in Cashmere at Martin’s Market (just off Highway 2 at Cashmere’s easternmost exit/stoplight).


  • From Martin’s Market, cross Highway 2 and immediately turn left on the frontage road (East Nahahum Rd). Ride 0.5 miles and, at a stop sign, turn right on Nahahum Canyon Rd (elevation 636 feet).
  • Ride uphill, initially through what resembles a little run-down piece of Appalachia, and then up into pretty, steep-sided hills of buff-colored grass and red-barked ponderosa pines. Pavement ends in 5.1 miles (el 2,157 feet).
  • Scream back down the winding road and, at the bottom of the Canyon, turn right. Ride the frontage road 0.35 miles back to Highway 2.
  • Turn right on Highway 2 and ride the shoulder of the highway (good) for 0.9 miles.
  • Turn right on Hay Canyon Road (el 649 feet) and ride 1 mile uphill until the end of pavement (el 1,077 feet). Turn around and scream back downhill to the highway again.
  • Turn right and follow the highway 1.3 miles before turning right on North Dryden Road. North Dryden Road reaches Peshastin State Park after 0.4 miles (worth a look). After a total of 1.6 miles, you’ll reach an intersection with Ollala Canyon Road (el 829 feet).
  • Turn right and follow the paved road up Ollala Canyon 5.5 miles until the pavement ends. This is my favorite canyon. It’s the longest, not quite as steep as previous grades, is flanked by broad leaf maple trees down low, aspen trees up higher, and grass hills higher still. Also it has less of the Appalachia Syndrome and less of the opposite (gated-driveway syndrome) which you find in Nahahum Canyon. Upon reaching pavement’s end (el 2360 feet), turn around and speed down the winding road to the bottom of the canyon.
  • Turn right on North Dryden Road and ride 1.1 miles to the bottom of Williams Canyon (el 865 feet).
  • Turn right and ride 2.1 miles up the road until it turns to gravel (el 1,356 feet). The orchards choking this canyon are extremely pretty, especially in blossom season and in October. Turn around and blast down the canyon.
  • Turn right on North Dryden roads and in 0.7 miles you’ll enter Dryden. Cross the railroad tracks and turn left on Main Street. In about 0.2 miles you reach a 3-way intersection—take a right turn. In several hundred yards you will reach Highway 2 again.
  • Turn right and ride the shoulder of the road 2.5 miles to the stoplight marking the entrance into Peshastin.
  • Turn right and cross the bridge into Peshastin. After the bridge, go about 0.25 miles on the main road, and go under the railroad tracks. Turn right (elevation 910 feet). Parallel the Wenatchee River for 0.7 miles then the road takes a hard hook left and heads up Derby Canyon.
  • 1.2 miles father, the pavement ends (elevation 1,110 feet). Turn around and retrace your route back to the railroad underpass. At the underpass, keep going straight, paralleling the railroad tracks as you go through the ‘commercial’ district of Peshastin. There is a small convenience store here (Peshastin Market).
  • About a mile from the underpass, turn right on Anderson Canyon Road (1,040 feet). Turn right and ride uphill 0.6 miles until the road ends (1,200 feet). Note: there is a beautiful hiking trail on private property up Sauer’s Mountain leaving from the end of pavement. It’s a gorgeous wildflower hike in the spring and early summer, and a nice autumn hike as well (trail is closed October 14 to March 21).
  • Return to the base of Anderson Canyon. Various return options now exist. You can turn right and follow North Road into Leavenworth and then return to Cashmere via one of the other road rides in our Biking-Road guidebook.
  • The shortest option is to retrace your route back to Peshastin and Highway 2.
  • Turn left at the light at Highway 2 and ride the shoulder of Highway 2 about 8.5 miles back to Cashmere and Martin’s Market.

RECOMMENDED SEASON: Spring or autumn are prettiest, but this is a fine road ride with lots of climbs and exhilarating descents in summer as well.

LAND DESIGNATION: County roads and state highways.


TRIP REPORTER: Andy Dappen, October 2005

LEAVE IT BETTER THAN YOU FOUND IT. This should be every user’s goal. Pick up trash left by others, pull a few noxious weeds along your route, etc.

DISCLAIMER. Treat this information as recommendations, not gospel. Conditions change and those contributing these reports are volunteers–they may make mistakes or not know all the issues affecting a route. You are responsible for yourself, your actions, and your safety. If you won’t accept that responsibility, you are prohibited from using our information.

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