Xanadu Video – Dog vs Bike
by Coby Trudell

The Wenatchee Valley is an amazing place to live and explore, especially in the spring time. But with so much to choose from, how do you decide what your next adventure is going to be?

For me, the choice always comes down to a simple question – “Where can I go riding and catch an adrenaline rush?” When the question is burning in my mind and I’m looking for a local thrill, Xanadu is the trail I most often turn to.

Why? Simple… it’s easily accessible, can be ridden without a shuttle, has amazing scenic views, great trail conditions and it can be ridden as fast and as loose as you can push it!

When I first learned of this now famous trail I instantly went online to see firsthand what I could expect. Sadly, all I could find were shaky helmet cams posted with heavy breathing along with hoots and hollers in the background. No judging here… this trail beckons you not to stop and fool around with a camera. It’s much more enjoyable to focus on the downhill!

However there was something missing – I wanted a video that encapsulated the true beauty I’ve experienced on every outing on this trail and I wanted to share it with others. I wanted people that were trying to decide if the trip to our area was worth it, to find a video that would put the stamp of approval on their next road trip!

I knew there needed to be something better. So on a recent Sunday I set out to make a video and I enlisted the help of Zoe. (Zoe’s my riding partner and loyal pooch – well kind of loyal… she seems to think she can cut me off on the trail from time to time.. Not nice!)

So Sunday morning we headed up to the trail head where we met a couple from Vancouver, BC who were checking out the trail on their week long riding vacation. Later we came across another group of riders from Seattle. Notice a trend? People come from far and wide to experience what we have in our backyard.

After some short conversations, Zoe and I quickly got to work armed with one GoPro camera and a Gorillapod Flexible Tripod. We filmed section after section, sometimes hiking zones 4 or 5 times. By the end of the day, we had a solid 6 hours of riding, hiking, filming and awesome memories to be shared with the world.

Okay… so I think I’ve made my point words just won’t do it anymore justice. If you haven’t already go check out the video and better yet go check out the trail!

Finally, if you’re looking for directions to this ride, WenatcheeOutdoors has all the details check it out in our guidebook.

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  1. Andy Dappen

    Fun video and talk about a lot of work self-filming all that. Nice job.

    Nice to see someone else (in this case the pooch) eating the dust of the leader — usually that’s my job.


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