A long, trusted navigational companion among hikers and backpackers, Green Trails Maps has updated several of their more popular local maps to better suit the needs of many different user groups. Outdoor enthusiasts now have the option to choose from enhanced topographic maps covering the Alpine Lakes, Enchantments, and the Wenatchee/Devils Gulch area.

Map and key displaying far more than just the simple green trails.

The new upgrades start with the material – gone are the days of quickly and ineffectively checking your cotton-paper Green Trails quad in the midst of a summer squall before stuffing it back in a Ziploc bag for preservation. The updated maps are printed on paper that is water and tear resistant, making them far more practical for all-seasons outdoor use.

The trademark “green trails” have also seen an update, with multiple patterns and dashes to delineate the type of trail or road and what user groups that particular trail or road is open to. The Enchantments quad even shows the boundaries of the permit zones, doing the double duty of showing hikers which permits they need and reminding them that permits are a necessity for camping there in the first place. Another welcome addition are areas of enlarged detail, such as Devils Gulch, that display 40-foot contours (rather than 80-foot ones) along with an up-close perspective on the confusing network of trails here.


The Enchantments map now displays permit-zone boundaries, along with toilets and campsites, which could prove invaluable to those not familiar with the area.

Users who are overwhelmed by information overload may find these maps too complex, with too many cluttering bells and whistles when all they really want is point A, point B, and a green line showing them how to connect the dots. While there is beauty in simplicity, these updated maps cover a wide range of information that is extremely helpful to novices and experts alike — especially those unfamiliar with the area.

Furthermore, the scale of these maps (generally 1:63,360 or about 1 inch per mile) allows you to cover a huge amount of country with a single map. Specialized users who travel cross-country (e.g., mountaineers and backcountry skiers) will still benefit by carrying more detailed 7.5-minute maps with 40-foot contours and scales of 1:25,000. However, outdoor adventurers who actually stick to trails (e.g., hikers, mountain bikers, trail runners, and fishermen) will find these maps to be one of their preferred Ten Essentials.

Details, Details

  • Cost: $12 to $15 depending on the map, its area of coverage, and where you purchase it. In Wenatchee, Arlberg Sports and Hooked on Toys carry Green Trails Maps.
  • New maps for Central Washington include: Alpine Lakes East (Chiwaukums, Stuart Range, Teanaway area, Enchantments, Blewett Pass area); Wenatchee/Mission Ridge/Devils Gulch; and the Enchantments.
  • More info: See the Green Trails Maps website.

This post was originally published on 7/28/14.

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