Use these maps along with weather and avalanche forecasts to help determine the avalanche hazard of slopes you plan to ascend, descend, or traverse.

  • Slopes that are a dull grayish green are below 20 degrees in angle.
  • Kelly green slopes are 20 to 27 degrees steep.
  • Yellow slopes are 28 to 34 degrees steep.
  • Red slopes (the most dangerous ones for avalanches) are 35 to 45 degrees.
  • Purple/blue slopes are 46 degrees or steeper.

Click here for a full-screen view of this application. The easiest way to navigate the full-screen maps is to click the binoculars (upper right) and then enter a place (e.g., ‘Blewett Pass, WA’ or’ Mission Ridge, WA’).

Note: If any of you are using other on-line map tools that are particularly valuable for your outdoor sports, please recommend them as a ‘comment’ below.

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