by Sarah Shaffer

I am driving my second Subaru now. My first was an Outback and now I own a Forester. We all have our reasons we enjoy our vehicles, or reasons we don’t enjoy them but below are the top reasons I love Subaru’s.

1. You can sleep in them! The seats fold down and make a cozy sleeping spot for tired adventurers.

2. I was lucky enough to get one with seat warmers, so nice on cold days. I also like to think having hot buns makes for less of a sore butt after an epic day outside.

3. You can surprisingly carry a lot of stuff in them. Whether that is kid gear, outdoor gear, moving your home with you, it all fits. If it doesn’t, use the roof rack.

4. You can fit two mountain bikes inside your vehicle, no problem.

5. Busting through surprisingly deep snow, no problem. With that All Wheel Drive you can be to that trailhead in no time.

6. Getting scratches from tree branches along the side of your Subaru only gives it character.

7. They are dang comfy, I have slept in the front seats before and I slept like a baby.

8. There are lots of cup holders. I am notorious for having multiple drinks in the car, hot chocolate, coffee, water, bubbly water and there is a cup holder for them all!

9. They are reliable (knock on wood) not many issues thus far with the two that I have owned.

10. A dirty interior and exterior to a Subaru just shows that you give your Subie a lot of love.

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