Drum roll please, here is our FIRST ever guidebook sponsor! John Winnie is a man with many talents who loves the outdoors. You can see which guidebook post he sponsored by scrolling to the bottom of this post.

John is an ecologist, photographer and writer, and these three facets of his career inform and influence each other. His academic and field research are centered on understanding ecosystem dynamics across multiple levels – including humans as parts of ecosystems – to inform conservation and management strategies that help natural systems to persist and function indefinitely. He has done conservation research in Afghanistan’s Wakhan Corridor, studying Marco Polo Argali with the Wildlife Conservation Society and US

John Winnie Jr. in upper Shikarga drainage, Big Pamir, Afghanistan.

AID, which led to the creation of Wakhan National Park, the nation’s second. He is now working with WCS on an ongoing snow leopard research project in that same region, establishing baseline distribution and population estimates. He is also an associate teaching professor at Montana State University in Bozeman, where his research is centered on wolf-elk interactions and the implications these have for overall ecosystem function.

When John is not on campus or working on research, he prefers to be out and about with his wife Janet and his cameras, preferably in high, wild places (he and Janet’s current favorite local place is the Beartooth Plateau straddling the Montana-Wyoming border).

You can see more of John’s beautiful nature photography or read about his upcoming photography tours by clicking here. 

Do you have a special outdoor place you would like to share with others — a place that ignited a family member’s passion for the outdoors; a place that’s given you peace or perspective; or a place where you fell in love with nature, an adventure sport, or an adventurous person? If so, help keep the WenatcheeOutdoors website healthy, growing, and free to everyone by becoming a Guidebook Sponsor ($50 cost). Pick an unsponsored guidebook entry you’d like others to know about; then click here,

As a sponsor, we’ll contact you for a picture we can post at the end of the entry along with a few sentences describing why this place is special to you.

You might choose to be Guidebook Sponsor to:

  • Educate others about the natural processes, access issues, or the environmental importance of a particular place
  • Support a favorite sport you want others to try
  • Celebrate a personal achievement (e.g., you just had a personal-best completing this outing)
  • Memorialize a loved one who loved this spot
  • Remember a pet you used to bring here
  • Give a gift (birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day) to a family member who already has everything

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Note: Each guidebook post can only have one sponsor. Sponsorship lasts one year and costs $50 for the year. Any guidebook entry without a sponsor is open for grabs.

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