The Long Family.

A big thank you to the Long family for sponsoring the Saddle Rock guidebook post! We still have over 550 guidebook posts who are needing a sponsor for the year and are feeling lonely, so please consider sponsoring one today.

Steve, Nicole, Oliver (6) and Hannah (3) moved to Wenatchee in August 2016. They have lived in multiple places and never have fallen in love with a place so quickly. “Saddle Rock was the first hike we did as a family. Our kids loved exploring the rocks at the lower elevation and we loved the views from the top! It offers such a fantastic vantage point of the Valley. Who can’t fall in love with Wenatchee when you have such accessible trails out your back door?”

Do you have a special outdoor place you would like to share with others — a place that ignited a family member’s passion for the outdoors; a place that’s given you peace or perspective; or a place where you fell in love with nature, an adventure sport, or an adventurous person? If so, help keep the WenatcheeOutdoors website healthy, growing, and free to everyone by becoming a Guidebook Sponsor ($50 cost). Pick an unsponsored guidebook entry you’d like others to know about; then click here,

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Note: Each guidebook post can only have one sponsor. Sponsorship lasts one year and costs $50 for the year. Any guidebook entry without a sponsor is open for grabs.

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