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Should grizzly bears return to the North Cascades?

For the second time, a debate is taking place about whether the grizzly bear, once a resident of the state, should be reintroduced to its habitat in the North Cascades. It is estimated there are less than 10 elusive grizzlies, if any at all, currently roaming the North Cascades. Wildlife biologists believe the North Cascades can support a population of at least 200 grizzlies, grizzlies that used to roam the North Cascades for hundreds of years.

Wenatchee Naturalist Susan Ballinger recently wrote an article as to why she supports the re-introduction of the Grizzly Bear to the North Cascades. Titled Why I Support Re-Introduction of Grizzly Bears to the North Cascades National Park.

The deadline to give your opinion to the National Park Service regarding the re-introduction of the bears to the North Cascades is December 14th. Click here to provide your comment to the N.P.S. 

Below is a pro-bear video advocating for reintroduction and discussing the advantages of this strategy. Even if you’re not sure you favor the reintroduction, take a look and consider its arguments. This video discusses how to reintroduce Grizzlies based on other efforts that were successful in other states.

See for more information.

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