Getting Outdoors as a New Parent
by Sarah Shaffer

Being new to the world of parenting brought many challenges and joys. You get thrown up on A LOT, you clean up poop and pee constantly and you hardly get any sleep. But, it gets better and you learn to adapt and make things more fun for both you and your squirt.

One thing I had to learn to adjust to was how to be both a mother, and still keep some of my identity from before I was pregnant as an outdoor enthusiast. I loved being outside prior to my daughter’s birth whether that be rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking, or x-country skiing. I wasn’t too sure how I was going to accomplish getting outside with an infant and when she became older, a toddler.

I have come to the realization in the last year and a half of my daughter Dahlia’s life that I will not be able to get outside for hours at a time every day like I used to, but I can still get out with Dahlia and have some fun and she seems to have fun with being outside too!

10423663_10152619990226662_6851280947192693092_n[1][1]My FAVORITE piece of equipment that has really made a HUGE difference in the amount of outdoor activities I can do while also taking care of my daughter, is the Thule Chariot Cheetah Single Stroller. It is comparable in price to a BOB stroller and although they may be somewhat pricy around $350-$450 depending if you can find it on sale, it is so worth it for my mental and physical well being.

Not only have I used the stroller around town, on buses, in airports, and on trains, I’ve also used it for jogging, road riding, and cross-country skiing with my daughter. There are a variety of different attachments to use the stroller for different sports and these are all very easy and very fast to use.


This stroller is super light yet strong and reliable. It has netting to completely cover your kiddo from getting bitten by bugs. It also has a raincover that completely covers the stroller and keeps your cargo completely dry if you are jogging in the rain. Yes, you may wonder in a downpour if you can fit inside that stroller with your kid. Don’t try it, you won’t fit.

I cannot stress enough what an awesome piece of equipment this has been for our active and outdoorsy family. It also comes with two mesh pouches in the front inside the stroller to hold snacks, drinks, a hat and sunglasses for your child and it has a back pouch for holding all sorts of clothes, diapers, snacks, water bottles etc. This stroller weighs 8 pounds so it is super light and kicks ass! They also make this stroller in a bigger size to fit two young children. Happy outdoors time to you and your family, I hope this piece of family equipment can make its way into your home as it will get you out to explore the world around you with your squirt in tow.

More details about this stroller.


This post was originally published on 6/17/2019.

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