by Sarah Shaffer

It is that time of the year again, spring time in Wenatchee. Shorts and t-shirt weather is just about here. The trails have wildflowers again and the rattlesnakes, bull snakes and rubber boa snakes are coming out of their long slumber.

Rattlesnakes come out of their dens anytime between February to April. The main seasons you need to pay more attention for them are spring and fall. We are fortunate in the Wenatchee region to have just one type of poisonous snake to keep on our radar. All others are non-venomous.

Here are some tips to avoid rattlesnakes:

-Listen for their rattle. Avoid headphones, earbuds etc. so you can hear them in advance before potentially stepping on them.

-Avoid narrow and brushy trails if you are concerned. Tall grass single track trails you may want to avoid for a potential snake run-in. Stick with wider paths and dirt roadways so you can see ahead of you and on the sides of you with better visibility. Logging roads are a good example of paths to take.

For more information on rattlesnakes and other types of snakes in our region, check out these great articles below which you can find on our website.

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Here is a short and helpful video on preventing and treating a rattlesnake bite. Enjoy hiking season, respect the snake and listen for those rattles.

This post was originally published on 4/28/2021.

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