Cannon Mountain is listed in the top 100 Peaks of Washington State as #38 at 8,638 feet. It may be the most unknown mountain of this stature in the Enchantment region and probably the most neglected. Jeff Smoot calls it “a big but relatively inconspicous peak hidden at the western edge of the Lost World Plateau.” He goes on to say that “although it is one of the major peaks of the region, rising higher than its cross canyon neighbor, Cashmere Mountain, it is concealed from nearly every lowland vantage.” “When you see it from the proper perspective, such as from Icicle ridge or the Lake Caroline trail, it is quite a big mountain and somewhat appealing as a climbing objective”

There are no trails to it and getting to it involves cross country travel. To those who are seeking to climb all of the top 100 Peaks in the state, it is one that they inevitably will find their way to. Aesthetically, it isn’t in the same league with Cashmere Mountain across the Mountaineer Creek valley nor the north faces of Colchuck or Dragontail Peaks, but it can be part of some cross country “fun”.

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Nearest Town: Leavenworth- Plain

Skill: 1 (beginner)

Fitness: 2 (intermediate) 2+ if an overnight trip/ 3 if daytrip


First, you need a NW Forests pass to park at the trailhead. You can purchase one at the Ranger station in Leavenworth or at either one of the sporting goods stores. It is $5 a day or $30 per year. The Enchantment core area is a whole different kind of problem as you need a special permit to camp overnight in the Enchantment core area. Also, be certain to make sure your car doesn’t appear to have anything valuable visible as breakins have occurred at this trailhead. Day permits are available at the Stuart Lake TH if you don’t plan to camp out and these permits are free.

Obtain permits at the Leavenworth Ranger Station
600 Sherbourne Leavenworth, WA 98826 (509) 548-6977

Maps: USGS Cashmere Mtn and Green Trails #209S (The Enchantments)

Or see Our Enchantment Map.

Recommended Seasons: Generally the earliest would be late May (avalanche danger in high snow years) but normally by late June through late October (depending of course on the weather) all the routes into the Cannon Mtn area are feasible. The North Couloir variation route that is off of Northwest ridge route, gives the possibility of an early season hike/climb depending on if any avalanche danger is present.

Leave It Better than You Found It. This should be every user’s goal. Pick up trash left by others, pull noxious weeds along your route, throw branches over unwanted spur trails, etc.

Disclaimer. Treat this information as recommendations, not gospel. Conditions change and those contributing these reports are volunteers–they may make mistakes or not know all the issues affecting a route. You are responsible for yourself, your actions, and your safety. If you won’t accept that responsibility, you are prohibited from using our information.

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